Valentines Day Specials
A dozen roses $59.99
plus delivery.

A dozen roses, 3 balloons and a plush bear for $109.99
plus delivery.

Special offer 2: an unique Valentine’s present – a real glazed and gold trimmed rose.


Just Flowers & More has evolved over the last decade from a Floral Boutique into what can only be described as, “A Totally Ethnic Experience.” Essentially, we take pride in acquiring the most extensive collection of unique ethnic gifts & art. If you are looking for a gift that inspires pride in the African American Experience, we are the only source in the tri-state area. Our owner, Ken Allen travels several times a year to destinations throughout the country to extend his already extensive network of artists, manufacturers, and suppliers of unique ethnic art, gifts & cards. This is the reason that Just Flowers & More has transcended the common florist and has evolved into the tri-state areas exclusive source for any ethnic occasion! We hope you enjoy our website feel free to browse our floral selections & sample some of the photographs of the tri-state areas only ethnically focused gift & flower boutique!